Leinster Physical Therapy

What is a Physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist focuses on enhancing your physical well-being. Through manual therapy and targeted exercises, we aim to alleviate pain, restore movement, and foster strength. Whether you’re recovering from injuries or aiming to elevate your athletic performance, my personalized plans are tailored to your needs. I’m here to empower you with the knowledge to prevent future injuries while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Join me on the journey to a pain-free and mobile life.

Aindriu is a certified Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist with credentials from the Institute of Physical Therapy (IPTAS). He’s an active member of the IAPT, demonstrating his commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest evidence-based practices through continuous professional development. Aindriu is also registered with the Physiotherapist Registration Board, overseen by CORU.

A significant part of Aindriu’s consultations revolves around matters related to running. This includes not only ways to enhance performance but also strategies to prevent injuries effectively. His particular interest in running form brings an added layer of depth to his already impressive expertise. His passion for understanding the mechanics of running reflects the way he approaches his consultations and provides valuable insights to his clients.

As the sport of running gains momentum in Ireland, there’s a corresponding rise in injury rates. Aindriu recognizes the importance of understanding running biomechanics to pinpoint injury causes. He takes a holistic approach, considering an athlete’s training history, lifestyle, and sources of stress.

Having called Portarlington home for the past decade, Aindriu established his own practice in Coolaghy in 2014. His services have attracted regular clients from nearby areas and even as far as Counties Wicklow, Kilkenny, Dublin, Kildare, and Offaly. A range of positive reviews and insightful case studies underlines the efficacy of his treatments.

My mission is to restore health and inspire wellness through personalized, evidence-based physiotherapy, fostering active and pain-free lives.”

If you’d like to book an appointment call 0873219190 or email leinsterphysicaltherapy@gmail.com