With a lot of us working from home or minding kids we find ourselves having a bit more time to exercise. This is a great opportunity to create some new goals. People who normally frequent gyms are now running roads and trails they have never done so before.

Motivation to exercise or run can be difficult for some. A lot of us are asking the question, “what am I training for”?  If you are a runner, you all had goals or should have had, before covid-19. The only thing that needs to change is the goal. It’s now more important than ever to have something to aim at, even if it’s just to keep you in the game.

With this lockdown, challenging and tangible goals are still achievable. Our focus needs to shift from what we can’t achieve (due to restrictions) to what we can.

Goals can be simple, like a 1 mile, 3k or 5k target each week. See if you can better your time. It can be how quick you can run up a certain hill close to you. How many squats you can do in a minute? It’s too easy to make excuses and say, “sure I can only stay within a 2k radius”. Be inventive!

This is also great time to experiment with different training methods. If you normally only run, then try doing 3-4 circuit sessions per week for a change. If you concentrate on long distance mileage, why not try to incorporate some short sharp efforts. Throw some squats, lunges, deadlifts etc. after 400m rep. If you find it difficult mentally to do loops, then do loops! The combination is only limited to what you can make up.

If you have niggles or are injured, now is the time to sort them out. Cross train or contact your local physio. Most physios have adapted to the current climate and are offering telehealth consultations via skype or zoom etc. They can talk you through all the assessments needed and most importantly listen to your history. Then the consult likely will turn into your own personal rehab session.

So, if lacking motivation or are struggling with injury, there are ways of working around it and still getting the best out of yourself.

Best of luck with all the training.