Running – Older But Faster!

Running - Older but Faster!

Running – Older But Faster! Running began for me as a young child. I fell into it, I was a boxer first, but through my training I discovered that I was a fairly good runner too. I was one of those athletes of decent ability who fell through the cracks during college, which led to […]

Marathon Tips – Do’s & Don’ts

Dublin City Marathon

Marathon tips – Do’s & Don’ts The Dublin City Marathon is happening this week. Thousands are expected to take the the streets of Dublin, some hoping to make a certain time, while others will just want to finish. No matter which camp you belong to these Marathon Top Tips will help you keep on track and make […]

Junk Miles – Running

Junk Miles

There is no such thing as junk miles. Junk miles have been talked about for years with various perspectives on them. Often junk miles are viewed as running for the sake of running, with no particular target or goal in mind for that run. They are the fillers around the speed sessions and long run. For […]