Personal training

Strength & Conditioning

Engaging in strength and conditioning training can significantly boost your running performance and help you stay injury free. This type of training is beneficial because it enhances your stability, efficiency, and power. When your muscles are stronger, the risk of joint injuries and strain from overuse decreases, as it eases the stress on connective tissues like cartilage, tendons, bones, and ligaments. As you gradually follow a strength and conditioning program, these connective tissues become more robust, making your overall support system more durable. Plus, focusing on your core muscles is essential for maintaining proper running posture and technique.

Strength & conditioning is essential for older athletes due to the natural decline in muscle mass that accompanies aging. This reduction in muscle mass can result in muscle deterioration and a higher risk of injuries. Counteracting this process through resistance exercises can effectively slow down muscle loss and reduce the likelihood of injuries. Despite our passion for running, incorporating resistance exercises into our routines can not only extend our running careers but also elevate our performance levels.

In the upcoming six-week class, we’ll be using a circuit-based approach that combines high-intensity aerobic fitness with strength training. This program has been thoughtfully crafted by a runner for runners at all levels of experience. Whether you’re new to strength and conditioning or looking to maintain your strength, this class is a great fit.

To ensure that each participant gets the attention and assistance they need, we’ve intentionally kept the class sizes small. This way, you can expect a personalized experience that fosters learning and progress in a supportive environment.