Training week on week can take its toll on our muscles and tendons. One of the most effective strategies to prevent injury is a physical therapy sports massage. It takes tension out of tired muscles, leave you feeling looser and specifically targets areas of overuse which may lead to repetitive strain injury.

Athletes incorporate a sports massage into their weekly training regime, this helps their bodies recover quicker. During a period of hard training, waste material can accumulate in the body, resulting in micro-traumas developing in the muscle and the nutritional balance in the tissues becoming uneven.

Using physical therapy can help stimulate new blood flow through these areas, flushing out toxins and bringing new nutritional properties, which help to promote repair and healing.

Aindriu’s experience as an avid runner has allowed him to appreciate the benefits of soft tissue massage. He works with a range of athletes from many different sporting backgrounds. Manual mobilisation, in conjunction with home mobility exercises, can have a real positive impact on your body.

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