In my capacity as a Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist, my foremost aim is to thoroughly understand and effectively address the root causes of your condition. By attentively listening to your story and conducting a physical assessment, I gain valuable insights into your situation. This assessment encompasses evaluating your range of motion, neurological responses, as well as assessing your strength and endurance levels.

Following this, together we will make a plan. Building upon this foundation, I will develop a detailed physiotherapy strategy designed to facilitate your seamless return to your regular activities without discomfort. This approach may involve temporary adjustments to your activities, delivering tailored educational insights specific to your condition or injury, and designing a personalized home exercise regimen.

I will send you an email with your individualized physiotherapy plan. It will include a comprehensive video compilation detailing each exercise, along with the recommended repetitions, sets, and the optimal frequency for execution. This thorough documentation aims to enhance compliance, ensuring the accurate execution of exercises and maximizing the therapeutic benefits.

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What To Expect On Your First Physiotherapy Visit

Your first physiotherapy visit will consist of a detailed discussion of your presenting complaint. We will also dive into any previous injuries. We will delve into any aggravating or alleviating activities. This will highlight the possible cause of the problem. From there we will discuss possible treatment options, recovery times and methods to help you manage your pain while at home.


Leinster Physical Therapy is a single-story studio that offers generous space for accommodating both group classes and individual client consultations. Within our premises, you will find a fully equipped rehabilitation room, complete with a treadmill and a power rack. These resources are at your disposal to support and enhance your rehabilitation journey.

Typical Conditions Treated

I specialize in, and my expertise goes beyond, addressing lower limb running-related injuries. As an endurance runner myself, I’ve encountered and treated many common sports injuries that athletes often face. This unique perspective gives me insight into the frustration, pressure, and challenges of dealing with pain and injury. Here’s a brief list of the common conditions I regularly handle:

  • Sports injuries involving ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones.
  • Providing solutions for low back pain.
  • Addressing sciatica discomfort.
  • Treating tennis elbow effectively.
  • Expertise in managing running-related injuries.
  • Resolving frozen shoulder issues.
  • Handling shoulder dislocations, AC joint sprains, and similar problems.

My approach is informed by personal experience, thorough training, and a dedication to facilitating athletes’ prompt recovery and long-term well-being.