An Online Physio Consultation is much like your typical consultation, without manual therapy

With the increase in the quality of technology and a demand for all things online, it is no surprise that physios are using this medium as a way of delivering quality treatment. An Online physio is becoming increasingly popular when distance is an issue.

Online physio consultations are sometime referred to as telehealth physiotherapy. Telehealth is a way of providing health care via the use of technology. It enables long distance consultations between client and physiotherapist.

Current trends in the world of physiotherapy/physical therapy are leaning heavily on the more active approaches to reducing pain. Exercise therapy and patient education are the key variables that can be used in treating most symptoms.

Often clients need reassurance that what they are doing will or will not make their symptoms worse. Direction, via an online physio is just as effective as being physically in a clinic. The most important clues to a diagnosis comes from the clients story and how they tell it. Therefore listening skills and two way communication are key tools do diagnosis.

How It Works

It runs just like a typical consultation without the manual therapy. Once a booking is placed, you will recieve an email notification of you booking with all the details of your consultation. At the time of your consultation you will be invited to join the consultation via a link in your email.

We will then begin with an outline of your present complaint, details of past injuries, highlighting of any underlying conditions etc. Red flags will be screened for investigated. Any physical/functional testing can be instructor led if necessary. Rehab exercises will be demonstrated. I will look for you to go through the exercises to ensure correct technique is attained. You will then receive your own custom rehabilitation program and the opportunity of a follow up consultation.

You can book your own telehealth consultation here!