Why get a Gait Analysis?

A gait analysis is an opportunity to examine how you run. It uses slow motion camera action and still shots caught at key moments of your foot movement which analyse your running form. Good form leads to increased performance and injury prevention, while poor running form presents a greater opportunity for injury. Biomechanical studies indicate that certain joint angles should be attained to allow for optimal running form. Using Darth fish technology Aindriu can identify which joint angles you are missing and put a plan in place to improve your running

What is assessed?

  • Training history
  • Running goals
  • Stability assessment
  • Mobility assessment
  • Strength assessment

You will receive a detailed report on your individual running form, including video clips of your key movements and a strength and stability programme to eradicate poor form. Only Euro 100 Book an appointment by calling 0873219190 or email leinsterphysicaltherapy@gmail.com.