Looking to run your first marathon? or maybe you just want to improve on your previous effort? A Customised Marathon Training Plan can help!!

All runners are unique. We all have our own physical form, as well as our training habits, diet and sleep patterns, not to mention our time ambitions. So we need our own personalised plan to give us every opportunity of reaching our goals.

Aindriu provides a 60-minute consultation exploring your training history, goals, present level of training, and current nutrition. He will then then carry out a physical assessment centred on potential limiters to running form and strength.

You will then receive a customised 16 week marathon training plan, including a collection of videos of specific exercises to address the limiters Aindriu found during the assessment.

If you’d like to improve your performance, book an appointment by calling 0873219190 or email leinsterphysicaltherapy@gmail.com. Only €100.