Social Distancing – Back to Basics

With social distancing and having to stay home from work, a lot of people find themselves struggling to fill their day. The societal shift over the last few decades towards inadvertent overparenting and the over reliance on technology, has led many parents having to entertain their kids or let tablets, etc. do it for them.

In decades gone by kids developed the skills to pass their time by using their imagination and ingenuity, creating games and finding fun in the most basic things. However modern life has robbed them of this primal skill.

This topic has been extensively researched and written about in the last few years and each of us draw our own conclusions.

Jumping, hopping, running, digging, planting, making huts, playing grown ups, skipping etc. are all active ways I have seen my own kids finding happiness in.

Enjoy the unearthing of their ability to have fun and amuse themselves.

They’re more robust than we give them credit for!

Cycling Pain

Pain, Why Can’t I Hurt like a Cyclist

How is it some of us feel excruciating pain from something like stubbing a toe off a door, where others feel minimal pain from burns, cuts, fractures, abrasions etc?


(Johnny Hoogerland is seen to after his crash in the 2011 Tour de France – Tim de Waele/

I’m always astonished each year when the Tour de France (TDF) starts. You are guaranteed to have some big pile ups in the opening stages. Nerves are frayed as riders try to stay safe while also try to get good positions on each stage. Then the mountains come after the first week. The down hills are terrifying to watch with speeds in excess of 70kmph being reached. If the surface is wet you know someone is going to get hurt.

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